Episode 39: FIGHT! Memories Pizza, Traditions Destroyed, & Furious 7

April 6, 2015

Mark and Jim have an honest to God, knock down, drag out fight! Seriously! Who wins? The listeners. The lesson? Politics and religion, it was bound to happen sometime. Don't worry, we kiss and make-up. Also we discuss Memories Pizza, the traditions that are being destroyed by the left, and the hypocrisy and just homogenization of the culture if they get their way. Mark saw Furious 7 and talks about it. Jim beats up Mark and Mark goes to a battered women's shelter. 

Episode 38: Feminism, Indiana, Safe Zones, and Ready Player 1

March 31, 2015

Mark gets spun up. Again. Yawn. 

Feminists and campuses have turned into pre-schools. Mark and Jim do something Ashton Kutcher and Miley Cyrus do not: Actually READ the Indiana law and they find out some interesting facts, including the fact that Bill Clinton hates the gays. Mark read a book (I know, right?!) and reviews it! It's called "Ready Player 1" and it's due to be made into a movie. Jim continues to heal from his vacation. Here's some links:

Episode 37: Starbucks, Cruz, Feminism, and US!

March 24, 2015

No not U.S., us! We talk about the stupid Starbucks racetogether campaign, Ted Cruz runs for president and Mark's not impressed, and feminists are actually misogynists. At the end, we talk about who we are and what we're about. 

Episode 36: Hillary, Minimum Wage, Racism, Cinderella, and Chappie!

March 17, 2015

We talk more about Hillary's troubles, Jim's trip to Mexico, more idiotic racism crap, how the minimum wage is destroying businesses and liberals can't seem to figure it out. Jim sees the very latest movies from the 80's while Mark discusses Chappie and Cinderella. Guess which one he liked! Guess again!

Episode 35: Hilary’s House of Cards

March 9, 2015

Mark discusses season 3 of House of Cards. We talk about Hilary's Email issues. Jim and Mark have a fight over Scott Walker. The fight is interrupted by their arrival at work where they beat each other with shovels in the parking lot. On the way home they talk about the 50 states and what each of them have the most of. Various news stories and how racist the left has become. 

Episode 34: Spock Dies, Hilary’s Health, Bill’s Portrait, Clinton Emails, and the Liberal Mind

March 3, 2015

We take some time to discuss the death of the great Leonard Nimoy. We discuss Scott Walker taking on ISIS... whoops we mean labor unions. Easy to mix them up. We discuss Hilary's health, Bill Clinton's portrait, Hilary's email and foundation troubles, and the mind of a liberal douchebag. 

Episode 33: SEX! Nudity! Inappropriateness! The Oscars, Net Neutrality, John Kerry

February 25, 2015

Mark delves into TMI territory. How porn isn't just immoral, it may actually destroy the human race. We then bring you Chapter 345 of "Mark Gets Spun Up." This time it's regarding the politicizing of the Oscars and the ridiculous speeches. We check and see how our Oscar picks did from several episodes ago. We talk extensively about net neutrality and the naked power grab by the FCC. John Kerry gets caught forgetting what he was actually for and that gets Jim spun up. Lots of miscellaneous crap. 

Episode 32: Biden, ISIS, Scott Walker, and Kingsman

February 18, 2015

Another week, another conversation, another realization that we are in deep trouble with this jerk-off in charge as ISIS continues to terrify. Mark runs across a new podcast, Two Conservative Lesbians and still is totally politically incorrect about it. But he likes it. We look at admissions for schools and why it's terrible these days. Why Scott Walker is causing liberals to hyperventilate. Why the state department has a Secretary of Gigglepants: Maria Harf. Why Joe Biden isn't registered as a sex offender. Finally we wrap it up with a spoiler filled review of the new movie, Kingsman.

Episode 31: Brian Williams, Jordan, Vaccines, and Spider-Man

February 10, 2015
We go after Brian Williams (or was it Obama? I may be "misremembering.") Jordan may be the only country with a pair right now. We decide to start a new Crusade just to make Obama make some kind of sense, and finally send emails to trees in Melbourne. We talk about Jaws and Mark's new home theater. More vaccine talk, Muslims don't coexist, IRS, climate change predictions that didn't pan out, and finally Spider-Man joins the Marvel shared universe.

Episode 30 Super Bowl, Walker, and Women

February 2, 2015

We talk about things going on in our lives and in our bellies. We give Scott Walker more publicity, eat breakfast on the air, discuss the super bowl and terrible commercials, and why Mark has become a horrible misogynist.