Episode 29: Rape Culture, Michael Moore, and More Crap

January 26, 2015

We talk about... 

Oh hell you'll find out.
Ok.. FIIIINE...sigh.. we talk about DeBlasio and his idea of integrity. "Rape Culture," Scott Walker's rise in Iowa, Michael Moore and American Sniper some more, an economics lesson, and a lot of miscellaneous stuff. Jim and Mark decide they hate each other and then have sex.

Episode 28: SOTU and the Oscars

January 21, 2015

We talk about the State of the Union, Mark blows a gasket over Obama's unbelievable disingenuousness, and Jim cries a little. On the way back, we go over the Oscars! Who got snubbed? What's our predictions? Do you care?

Episode 27: Emails, Paris, and American Sniper

January 12, 2015

We read an email from a listener which we should have read last week. We talk more about Charlie Hebdo, Jim indulges his feminine side, Obama doesn't go to Paris showing his pussy side, and Mark talks about the new movie: American Sniper.

Episode 26: Paris Islamophobia, Wes Anderson, Cops Hunted, Racist Superheroes

January 8, 2015

So we talk about the Paris shooting at Charlie Hebdo and Mark is spun up at the spineless cowards the liberals have become. The word "Islamophobia" meaning in today's day and age. We also talk about the Grand Budapest hotel and Wes Anderson movies in general. On the way home, we talk a bit about the police getting targeted again in New York and Philly, Jim waxes philosophical, and we talk about the new Marvel shows coming out on Netflix. 

Episode 25: DeBlasio, Oil, Interview, Unbroken, and the Hobbit

January 5, 2015

Welcome back! Happy New Year! This episode we talk about DeBlasio and the murder of the two cops that got murdered, The Interview and whether or not Hollywood is nothing but pussies (Hint: yes.) We talk for a while about the move Unbroken, the oil price drop, and the Hobbit series. Enjoy!

Episode 24: Sausage and South Park

December 23, 2014

We discuss South Park, Michelle Obama's failed lunch programs, Mark's call to the "Temecula Two" was horrible. We're both amused that green cars murder people. Lots of meandering ramblings. It's all terribly boring. 

Episode 23: Torture, Tammy, Twitter, and Fascism.

December 14, 2014

Though sleepy, we talk about fascism, why laws are are taken too lightly, we read your tweets, and talk about the movie Tammy for unknown reasons.

Episode 22: Scandals and Star Wars

December 7, 2014

We talk about Star Wars Episode VII, do a public service for Liberals, talk about the Obama scandals and a new theory behind them.

Episode 21: Ferguson, Election, and Random Stuff

November 28, 2014

We weigh in a on Ferguson, read some tweets, talk a little about the election and then just let the ADD just take over. Possibly worst episode ever.

Episode 20: Cosby, Immigration, Big Hero 6

November 23, 2014

Got a new microphone, talk about Bill Cosby, Emperor Obama, and our review of Big Hero 6 is the most politically incorrect review ever.